Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello! :)

This is an outfit post I uploaded in Lookbook and Chictopia a few days back. I was too lazy to blog about it and busy with review that I hadn't given it a thought until now. I will just post the pictures my sister took and I edited. I won't have time to do more than put a few words in. :)

The pair of shoes I used in this outfit post was a great bargain. It was thrifted but already been washed by the lady who sold it to me. It cost me Php 150.00 only or in USD, more or less $4.00! Such cheapness, right? Well, there are several things that are way, way, waaaaaaaay inexpensive in the Philippines! I'd probably couldn't do much shopping abroad if I keep on mentally comparing the prices between items there and here. As was the case I had in my short trip to HK. THAT and the fact that I lost every single penny I have in pasalubong (Filipino Slang which means gifts a person buys when he's away on a foreign place). buhu!

Anyway, this is the pair I totally adore. I have worn it ONCE in school as I'm afraid that if I keep using it, it'll die on me eventually... well, sooner than its fated death! So I just kept it on display. haha! :D

Forgive the crappy quality of photos and shots. :( I'm still learning Photography as of the moment.

So here are the extra photos of me in this denim outfit.

Can I just say that I totally LOVE this denim trend? I have another denim vest and polo up my closet that I thrifted. Denim is ultimate buffer between going all girly girl, casual and tough chick at the same time. I just loved it! Pairing it with florals, skirts and tulles are great tandems too!

The only downside of having cheap clothing here in the Philippines is the inability to actually WEAR THEM. Minis and tops showing skin will merit you jeers from onlookers, especially the men. GUUUUH! That's why as much as I want to wear skirts, for the life of me, I just couldn't.

Miss E

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been wanting to rock the Military look for ages but I've never found just the perfect "look" that I was going for. The other day I, along with one of my best buds went on a thrifting spree. Luck was going my side as my friend found a great vest to match my thrifted combat boots with. It was divine and I instantly loved the detail on the vest. :))))

Anyway, I just added the floral jeggings to soften the tough chick vibe that the vest and boots emanated when combined. Oh, these jeggings I just totally adore! I've been
itching to get a hold of one when I saw several chinese women in HK donning them. As fate would have it, we weren't able to find the store that sells them off. I was so sad.... :((((

... but not for long! It was only when I returned to Philippines that I finally bought them. haha! Thanks to my friend who recommended them to me. Love you!!! The funny thing was, we bought the EXACT SAME THING without us knowing! Great minds think alike. Or should I say fashionphilias? You decide.

Have a happy weekend! Spread the love for the whole world to see! :)

Miss E


Isn't being and falling in love makes you all giddy inside? All that butterflies fluttering in your stomach and feeling warm and fuzzy. Yes, love makes great wonders to ourselves. It keeps our stress levels down low and permanently paints a big smile on our faces. How I wish I am in love but all that has been denied from me.. for now. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that somehow, The One is just waiting around the corner. Maybe God just forgot to give him the cue for our roads to meet? Or lost in a traffic jam, perhaps? :p

Anyway, what better way to get that alternative high feeling than reading love stories and watching romantic films? I just finished reading a short story made by my dear friend. It was an amazing read. I am so damn proud of my writer-slash-girlfriend!

If anyone's reading, hope you can pay a visit to this blog:

Spread the love today! :)

Miss E

Monday, July 26, 2010


and so this is mine in blogspot.

I fancy myself as a writer since, I don't know, ever? But I am TOO lazy and I get distracted all the time that I haven't written anything for ages. I signed up for tumblr but I never get to update it always or write anything remotely personally. So this is my new blog and with it comes my NEW determination to post random stuff everyday. Will you cross your fingers for me too? :)

XO, Miss E