Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Due to complete and utter boredom, I've been watching several backlog movies lately. Hell, I've been cleaning up and organizing my room too! That's saying something, a LOT of something about my state these days.

Anyway, I've seen a trailer for this movie, Chalet Girl ages ago and I loved it! I remember being totally psyched about its release. Then I got busy or just completely forgetful that I hadn't given it much thought until recently when my college batchmate blogged about it. So, TING! I finally remembered! I immediately searched for a torrent and within hours, the movie is mine for the taking. It was completed last night but I was too tired already so I saved it for today. 

Since I was again busy with shoe organizing and cleaning, I set aside the movie for a bit. When I was done with dinner, I proceeded in watching it. Aaaaaaand, I LOVED IT! I love it not just because of Ed Westwick, who's a breath of fresh air in this movie, I've gotten used to his Chuck Bass image for long, but because of the fine scenery (call me shallow)! I've been to Europe several times IN MY DREAMS but in actual reality, nope, still haven't. But this movie inspired me so much to experience snow (YAY!), skiing and snowboarding (*shivers*).  

Actually, the plot is really good, predictable but good all the same. I got kilig by the rich boy-poor girl love storyline. I know it's so old-fashioned and ancient history but can I help it that I just love it? Probably because I can relate, I'm no rich girl and money does not seem to fall easily on my lap. So it's a constant inspiration that somehow, I too could be loved by someone as rich and as gorgeous as Jonny. Chos! Feelinga talaga! Hahaha!

So, I highly recommend it and suggest that you watch it NOW! I will leave this entry with the full HD trailer. Nightie loves!

Miss E

Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 19, 2011
striped high-waist shorts - Mossimo | Pink bikini top - Happy Place | Jelly slippers - Ororama

A spontaneous beach get-away with my friends happened at Midway, Initao. We're so grateful that Binque offered us a ride so that's free transportation for all of us! :)
The awesome view that greeted us good day.

Woke up bright and early but still ended up arriving late. SO SORRY YOU GUYS! I underestimated travel time from DV to Savemore (or Makro). Anyway, we ordered chickenjoy at Drive Thru Jollibee then picked up Tiffy along the way and bought some more food items along the short drive to Initao.
It was a bright sunshiny day when tiny drops of unmistakingly water appeared out of nowhere! It's raining! On our beach trip! EPIC FAIL! 
L-R: Tiffy, Ivy, Nyma, Kwinzi, Binqui and Meg

I thought we were doomed but Mr. Sun came out to play with us as we neared Initao. Happiness! When we got to Midway, I was a bit shocked to find so many filled cottages. Although it's technically summer but it's not the freakin' weekend or something. Anyway, I think that's okay as I hoped there would hot beach guys around but sadly, there were none... :(
The 3 pairs. I was the odd one out! *sniff, sniff*

.... UNTIL this family bunch walked by and we saw this cute foreigner! RESULT! Hahaha. Thanks to Binque's eavesdropping skills, we found out his name is Paolo and he's an Italian but raised here in the Phils. So he speaks fluent Bisaya. Perfectto! 
Who doesn't love a good jump shot? I adore this! Me posing as a ballerina. Feelinga lang! :p

Towards the end of the day we were tempted to try the Banana Boat. At first we decided not to because it's expensive (Php600 good for 5 people for a 5-minute ride. Tell me if that's cheap.) But then, we finally caved in because this would ultimately "complete" our summer adventure. But the sad thing was, there were 7 of us and the Banana Boat could only take 5. No matter how hard we bargained, no can do. So Binque and Kwing sacrificed and were left behind to videotape and photograph everything.
1st photo: Neon strapped-slippers by Havaianas as worn by L-R: Binque, Nyma and Ivy
2nd photo: Jelly slippers worn by moi with matching purple nail polish to boot

When I got on the boat, I was excited but when the engine started speeding up, all I did was hang on for dear life and let go of the loudest and earth-shattering scream I could muster. I was alternately laughing at my silly self and shouting for joy from the adrenaline rush. That was epic! All that screaming, laughing and being scared out of my wits were worth all the fun I brought home. 
Anyway, after that ride, I wanted another round but my wallet begged to disagree. So off we went swimming instead. Nyma, Kwing and I delayed taking a shower just so we wouldn't miss the sunset but did anyway 'cos just when we finally decided to have that bath, the sun had bid us buh-bye! Oh, the tragedy! :(
Upper right photo: with my so-called best friend. Haaa!
Lower right photo: with vavavoom Nyma! No need to emphasize how insecure I was. 
Unguarded smiles are the best. :)
Here with Kwing. 

Before I end this entry, I would like to share these edits I made. Just because. Guess who's who.
Trying hard to get that FHM-worthy poses. Thank God for silhouettes! I'm not sure I'm confident in this kind of exposures. Haha!

Today was love. ♥

Miss E

**Photography: Meg, Quinzy, Naihma, Tiffy and yours truly
Post-processing: Yours truly

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Just came from a fun night with high school friends. I miss them already! I know this city is too small and people are bound to see each other but these people? My high school people? It's just not the same being together like this. Sure, we'll bump into each other in the malls, streets or even in jeepneys but the bond that connects us as a group will never be as it was when we were thrown into a one place.

I hate the feeling of being unable to let go. Last night's stories and catching up were a testament to how comfortable we are to each other. After all, hadn't we bared our heart and soul and entrusted our deepest, darkest secrets to these strangers years ago during our retreats? I know that whatever happens, we have each other. 

And yes, to YOU I sorely missed all through these years, it breaks my heart to wait another half a decade to be in the same room with you. I confess, seeing you again caught me off guard. It's unnerving to find how strongly a teenage infatuation could span the years spent apart. Or is it the alcohol to blame? I miss you already. A friend told me that this girl in your life right now is just a chapter in your unfinished book. I used to think that maybe, some day when we meet again, I'll put a happy ending to this tale.

But you spoke to me and those words blew the chances I had reserved for that story. Now I realized I was delusional then. You probably don't know it but sometimes you boys throw words meaninglessly and with such careless  regard that girls, teenaged and easily won over believe them even when these words are in the least bit the truth. Call it smooth talking or just making pa-cute but please spare me the nonsense. I am no longer the girl head-over-heels in love with love and with you. I can take the truth any day. I am made of stronger fiber than you think.

I know I contradict myself when I say I miss you now but probably, this will pass in time. I wish you the best. I hope next time I can look you in the eye and not feel a thing. But for now, I am in half-rage about this realization and half-regret that you were never the boy I used to be mad about and I will never be the girl of yours. I take comfort in the fact that after all these months of relapsing and falling back into this shame of sheer madness, I am on my way to finding acceptance.  

But over-all, I will miss you my high school loves. I second Jason when he said, "I've met most of the BEST people in high school. :)"
4-Daniel Class of 2006, YOU ARE THE BEST PEOPLE I HAVE MET. 

Miss E

Monday, May 2, 2011


For a time it was what my life revolved around. An incessant sound of my phone ringing signaled the start of my day. It was, as always, a call from my partner giving updates or perhaps something bordering on the 
serious, like a plea of help regarding Facebook photo upload, and how to put a caption. Ha ha ha!

Life preserver cookies made by Michael's sister. See her Facebook HERE  

As my day rolled in I would find myself browsing internet websites for ideas, inspirations and Facebook conferences. In more than one occasion I texted countless messages to my classmates confirming attendance and payments. Then when the Big Day neared, I volunteered to do meet-ups with the others, and even did some things I did not sign myself up for. Like head in the decorations for example. It’s not like I’m an expert in the visual arts! Although I could do two things to perfection: cut and paste. I mean, that’s so rare nowadays right?
Prepping before the big party begins!

Now almost everything's set and we're on our way to our Bungalows

Anyway, what I’m talking about is our high school class reunion. Michael and I have been planning on this for months. True story. And it wasn’t until after my NLE board exam that our party plans went underway. From a list I made of various themes, we both agreed that the Nautical suited best. It’s a new re-emerging trend in Fashion for this year as well as perfect for summer. Stripes and the colors blue, white and red were the inspirations to go! As we got the theme out of the way, we delegated tasks among the core group and started to broadcast the party in Facebook and Twitter. But like I said earlier, there were some things the members of the core group did that were not part of our so-called “job description”. And I was disheartened by that.
Back drop made by the lovely people at Chali Beach Resort
It's so archaic but what can we do. Ha ha! 
My partner and I. We've been head organizers since time immemorial. Our first successful event was our high school Halloween party dating back circa 2005.

LEFT: While Nyma and I have been best friends since then spanning through high school, college and now.
RIGHT: Tiffy and I. Would you believe I called her "Best friend" in high school? Yes pot, TRUST ME. Never knew that word is a prophecy to what we are now.

There’s no point denying that I have been frustrated too many times by my classmates’ nonchalance, late payments and annoying “I-have-nothing-to-wear” little dramas. I even blogged about it here. However, at the party I was just too happy to see everyone and all my worries and irritation flew out of the window. It’s been 5 years after all! There were dozen exchanges of smiles, hugs, kisses and photo-ops. Wow, had high school been that 5 years back? It seemed like everyone remained the same. It felt just so good to be together again! 

Due to Filipino custom (I’m not proud to say though) we started later than schedule as people arrived (and I underestimated them entirely) surprise, surprise… TWO HOURS LATE. But all was good. I still afforded to smile even. As everyone got settled in, Michael and I kicked the party as hosts for that night.  I was hesitant hosting because I was nervous. And I forgot to print out the program as well. Our lovely cue cards only consisted the hastily made introduction speeches and nothing more. We relied heavily on our quick thinking and normal comical selves. But to tell you honestly, I was not in my best self. My voice turned hoarse and even broke a bit when I emphasized some words. I guess I will chalk it up to more practice and yes, to experience as well.

LEFT: Karen and Ezra
RIGHT: Karl and I

That night was a blast albeit some things were not done according to plan. For example, after the opening spiel we watched a video presentation then on to the invocation. Ezra was out so we asked Josan to lead the prayer. After the dinner, we proceeded to the opening production number by Michael, Nerika and Carmen. Their dance routine was awesome! They were just so good at it! 
Ended up having dinner when the party was through. Not to worry, I had too much happiness to fill my stomach.

As our 4th year high school moderator arrived, with her daughter in tow, we asked her for an impromptu message. And I’m sure everyone could relate how touching it was. Ma’am Chit said that as a teacher, it is her pride and joy to see us successful and professionals. Although some of us did not graduate on time, at least we are on our way to achieving our dreams. It does not matter who finishes the race first for as long as one gets there. It was a great reminder to all of us to never give up and always keep our eyes on our goals. High school was all about idealisms and ambitions. Somehow, along the road we forgot about that. And now more than ever is the time to look back on that 16-year-old self and reignite the passions we have left in the dark.
Eggplant and Egg  - Props to one of our naughty games! 

After all that serious stuff been said and done with, we started the games and everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives. In the middle of the game Ship, Ship, Ahoy! (Patterned after Hep Hep Hooray), our classmate Kasey, who is now based in Canada, called and was placed on loudspeaker. She first contacted us through Skype but the internet signal was slow so she called Michael on his mobile. It was nice to hear from her. She said that she was glad we finally got to have this reunion and if only she were here, she would have attended as well. It made us miss her all the more. So Kase, if you’re reading this, WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! COME BACK HOME!
Skype with Kasey!

We also had Spoof Awards and the prizes were so hilarious! For example, the Early Bird Award gets a bag of gummy worms, the Most Stylish Hair gets a gel and so on. And oh, did I mention I won the Best Dressed Female Award? I did. My outfit was very simple. Michael and I looked matchy-matchy too! But I love his outfit more, especially the hat with the cute fur and the perfect red scarf as accent. But he won the Mas Energy Mas Happy Award for being the most energetic and full of life one of the group. His exuberance was evident from the beginning until the end of the party.
Jason and I as Best Dressed Male and Female, respectively. Our prize? Couple necklace! With matching pendants to boot. 

It was a very humid night and I was wearing long sleeves. Go figure. I was perspiring like crazy; beads of sweat dropping in a flow of humiliation and rhinitis even paid me a visit. Perfect. But what offset these was the fun I had that night. It was incredible. I lived and breathed in every moment of it. These people are like family to me. Somehow we grew up together with all our crazy teenage angst and the crazier fashion faux pas in between. It was love. And reuniting with them is like rediscovering a treasured possession you forgot you had.
Alvin and I. This is my "LABS" or in English, Love. I had to post this because we look good here. Haha! 
However, it makes me sad that all that I have been anticipating and working hard for is over. It happened all too fast, all too soon.  I wanted more time, more bonding moments, more laughter and more stories. Simply put, I wanted not a day back in high school but a year to trudge the past. But I guess I couldn’t go back to that place I once mingled with them, especially when that involved turning the hands of Time. What I could do now is take in everything as it is. Because while it was great ‘til it lasted, it was over. Move on.
1st: With one of my oldest best friends, the ever beautiful, sexy, smart and talented, Nerika
2nd : Aye, aye Captain Jason! The Bay-ots gamely posing as crew

So as a way of forcing myself out of the gloom, I’m getting hyped up for our next 10-year high school reunion! It will even be grander than this for sure!

And I take my word back as I would gladly organize that future event. 

Agapas se, Daniel Draglets ’06!


Miss E