Monday, September 12, 2011


Tonight, I met a team of the most brilliant doctors in the city. I swear I have fallen in love ten times over! Something about a man's beautiful mind just pulls my heart. Oh, to love and be loved by such a man! Heavenly! 

Miss E

Sunday, September 11, 2011


So how I do I comfort myself when I'm down with the blues? By listening to God's words, of course! 

I'm not ashamed to admit my eyes watered listening to these songs. I am nowhere near getting everything crystal clear and at every turn, I balk and run. But I will remain steadfast and keep the faith alive. 

God, I trust you.

Miss E


Hello, cyperspace! I am back from the long haul of total websent and okay, Post-Harry Potter depression too. I think I've recovered, thank you very much. Since my last blogpost, my life spun out of control. I've been busy but to be honest, not really busy enough to tear myself from the internet. I was just lazy and figured my writing skills are a bit rusty as of the moment. But tonight and for days now, I have been toying with a few thoughts in my head. First off...


I finally landed my big butt on a job! From all the endless CV prints, transcript photocopies and folder buying, an employer saw a potential in me and took me under his wing. I was offered a job in a Pharmaceutical company and to be frank, I was not over the moon about it. I was desperate to be accepted in a hospital seeing that as a novice nurse I still have a lot to learn. However, I was frustrated because I did not hear from them and desperately wanted to make something out of my life, so I jumped to my only chance. As the training ensued, I was more and more convinced that this life (Medical Representative) is not for me too. But there were days when I began to love it. I thought that since I was waiting for other offers, why not take a leap of faith in this one? I want to grow and learn the ways of the world. What better way to achieve that than by venturing into foreign ground? 

So I signed the contract for a 6 month-long on probation. Need I emphasize that I was on my own here? Yes, I had friends in the initial days but they gave up and quit. I wanted to follow suit but does that make me a better adult? I made the conscious effort of signing a contract, agreed to its terms and conditions and money has been shelled out for me. In the past, I made the mistake of entering lightly into a job I despised shortly after being hired and quit without so much as giving it a try. Then I realized that this is no longer a child's play. I should honor my commitments, think beyond me and look at the larger picture. Even though I am scared in living on own in a new place, away from my home and my family and friends, I am welcoming the change. As my favorite quote goes, "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear." The reality that this is life outside school is smarting and depressing at best but what can I do? I refuse to bow down and be called a weakling. True, there are things I easily give up on but in the name of growing up, I will take the challenge and fight like a brave soldier I thought I was. 

So... perhaps a thousand candles will do for my poor soul this time. 


Remember me saying I applied to hospitals too? Well, hurray to perfect timing, I got a call. To be precise, I missed their call and my friend told me that it was the HR Dept of Madonna and Child Hospital calling so I begged my sister to call them as I was rooted in the middle of my week-long Medrep training. During my scheduled exam, I babbled to my boss how I had to skip lunch and take my youngest sister to the doctor. I rushed to the hospital to take the exam and felt sure of myself that I had aced it. It was an easy aptitude exam centered mainly in English synonyms, antonyms, idioms and grammar and the Math, goooosh, I'm not one to brag but let me just say, I am so sure of each and every answer except perhaps those I have not been able to. It was that easy. I don't claim that I perfected it but I think I did pretty good. 

I got a call on a Sunday afterwards. It was to inform me that I got accepted in their Orientee program and I was to start on the following Tuesday. I was ecstatic!  Finally, my life was moving in a familiar direction. Although at the time I was having second thoughts. It was not easy to forget that I was in the middle of my product training as medical representative and of course, there was the issue of money. It goes without saying that if I train as nurse here in the Philippines, I would not get paid, or perhaps I will but just the bare minimum whereas if I become a PMR (Professional Medical Representative) I will earn a tad higher and I will be able to provide for my family. 

In the end, I decided to keep the PMR at bay and quit after I have gone to my first orientation in Madonna. And as the protocol was laid in the table, I was increasingly aware that I did not want it too. How can I when they will not issue a work certificate if an employee walk out on them in less than 2 years? They knew nurses' sole purpose is to get that much coveted work certificate and they are holding it tightly in their hands like a iron fist. I did not want to be tied for two years! Just thinking about it is unbearable enough let alone get through it.

I never came back the day after. Oh, I did, yes but not back to the hospital to use my license to good use but to meet doctors in their respective clinics as a new member of PharmAsia-Cuvest. 

Well, so much for my nursing stint.


After weighing things, I decided to give this PMR a shot. No, not for the car. I am at a loss at driving! But really, I thought I will have to face this challenge headlong. I am grateful that I am busy and I won't have to while away the time in front of the computer, stalking Facebook friends over their new lives, wonderful careers and getting more and more depressed by the minute. I loved that life but now, now's the time to change and let the others do the stalking! Haha! 

Honestly, I am not happy happy. But walking along the streets of Iligan, breathing the air and drinking in my new environment, I find solace and something akin to happiness. I survive being on my own this far and I can do it. If I need friends, I know I have the truest ones of them at my beck and call back home. 

I've learned the hard fact that I am in this alone. I can't trust anyone but myself. That although I have friends, they too need to lead their own lives, to chase after their own dreams and occasionally, to be away from me as I to them just so we can grow up. I promise myself that I will not get in the way of it. This is the part where sadness creeps in and I just want to bawl my eyes out but I am made of stronger fiber and I know I can do it. 

There lies a feeling of dread for uncertainty and sometimes I get caught up with my musings about my far-reaching dreams, why my life is like this, why I'm not unraveling a success story here and now that I have earned an education, where's the good life that follows? But I will trust in the Lord and I know He will not falter me.

Miss E 

Monday, July 25, 2011


                I can still remember it as though I have not aged ten years. Funny how easily I forget things but never how I first fell off my high horse and into the arms and pages of these dog-eared books about The Boy Who Lived.

                I was twelve then and although I began to shed off the streak of childhood in me, I was never that fond of reading. Like almost everyone in my class, I thought of it as a bore and dreadful task. I scarcely imagined being able to finish off a book in its entirely, finding it plausible that I would lose heart halfway, put it down and shove in its rightful place in the shelves, undisturbed. I derived various kids’ games for entertainment than being cooped up in one corner immersed in a strange world nobody knows or even care about. However, my tone suddenly changed when one of my classmates recommended that I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You could not imagine my hesitation. I have never read for pleasure, mostly my readings stem from obligation as a student preparing for exams but never for fun.  I thought to myself that I will not be able to see through the end. I have little patience for books without pictures believing that I was a visual learner. A book on a hundred words alone would not suffice to entice me. I almost gave a flat-out no but turning the book to its front cover, curiosity mingled with wonder got the best of me. The words witches, wizards, broomstick and magic came into sharp focus. The boy with the incredible lightning-bolt scar flying on a broomstick egged me further and in spite of myself and better judgment I decided to give the golden book a try.

                And returned it within a few days (I was a slow reader then) hungry for more. I read Harry Potter as fast as my twelve-year-old eyes could drink in the words. I went to bed late making up excuses that I was studying when in fact, the pages of the Harry Potter was propped open in the table under my schoolbooks. I woke up at the crack of dawn or as soon as the light filtered through my window just to continue where I left off and throw myself in the Wizarding world I have come to love. I even feigned headache and fever that day I got hold of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so my mother would let me skive off afternoon classes. Come to think of it, I chose Harry Potter above all else. In my sophomore year of high school when I was fourteen, the fifth installment was released and I begged my Mom to buy it offering that I will not rent a locker in school that year. Can you just imagine? We had gazillion books, notebooks and our house seemed like a mile away from school. How can I manage to lug around all of my school stuff without breaking my back? All logic and reasoning flew out the window as if someone Accio’d them out. In that moment of my frenzied excitement, I put off my homework and began to read the moment I arrived home from the mall. In the end, my mother consented to give me money for locker rental. She must have feared that my hunchback stance would become permanent. Also, in my senior year of high school I watched the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere despite the fact that I greatly needed to study for a Social Studies Quiz bee the following afternoon. Needless to say, my teammate and I lost. These were just the few instances Harry Potter clouded all of my priorities. I know it was bad but at that point in time, being reunited with the Harry Potter and his mates was the only thing that mattered most to me.

When I first realized the joy of reading it all started the beginning of a dream, an adventure and a life I knew one day I want to live in. You see, Harry Potter to me is not just a book. Yes, everyone says that. All the Potterheads and die-hard fanatics of the book would say that. And who am I to beg difference? Yes, I am a Potterhead through and through. I read my first Harry Potter book when I was almost their ages. The Order of Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows all came out in my adolescence, almost exactly how the characters in the book were presumed to age. I feel like half of my life IS Harry Potter. Harry Potter to me is not just a fictional character in a book; rather he’s very much present in me. He lives in me. I see a huge chunk of myself in him. His bravery and esteemed regard for friendship won me over. A person so young and naïve but with such goodness made him a great wizard worthy of admiration. He’s someone who’s never known love, been maltreated and dealt with a bad card yet these things never hindered him from opening himself to others. He is such a pure soul. And I admire him because he has taught me these things. For someone who has lost everything and been treated poorly, he could still see the positive side in all things. He manages to let love and goodness prevail. But mostly, the book’s greatest lesson, and I’m speaking on my behalf on this, is that no matter how lowly you think of yourself now, time will come when you will rise above this and become triumphant. Who could imagine a boy whose name is being uttered in disdain by his living relatives is someone who has been the talk of the whole Wizarding world and whose said name is mentioned in reverence and adoration? It just goes to show that somehow, we are worth than what we are given credit for. The man with heart of a lion is the Harry Potter I know and have grown with in the years. It is his character that have captivated my heart and charmed me in the most inexplicable way. I am not unaware of the mockery that tails when people realize how far gone my obsession has reached. But I could care less. They could only understand when they walk in my shoes. Try living with the ghost of your ambitions for ten years and tell me how that won’t change you.

Then of course there are the sidekicks that we adore just as much as the main character himself. Personally, Hermione Granger is the character I want to but can never be. She is extremely smart and logical but her friendship with Harry and Ron curbed her innate smugness. She is loyal in times of need and fair when justice is called for. I love how she bickers with Ron like everything he says and does just annoy the life of her. But it is essentially this infuriating manners drew her to him. Their attraction is undeniable although both refused to acknowledge it at first. But things have a way of working out in the end.

Ronald Weasley, he’s one bloody hell of a character. His lines are funny and I enjoy hanging out with him. His family is one interesting lot too. I can relate to him in a way that I too come from a large family with several siblings. I know how hard it is to struggle finances and making all ends meet. But somehow, the Weasleys have made it. Like Harry, I am fascinated by everything about them and what they represent – a happy and loving home, teasing siblings, rivals for affections of their parents and a thirst to prove they can create a name outside the shadow of their elder brothers before them. On another note, I love how he antagonizes everything Hermione thinks. Both of them clearly are in need of each other. And I’m glad that finally, Ron has come to his senses and made Hermione his first choice and “not as a last resort.”

As the days rolled into the inevitable ending of the Harry Potter franchise, there was a bubble of unexplainable grief brewing inside my heart that I carried for days. I could not put a finger on why I was so depressed that the ending is near. I wasn’t like this when I watched the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It was only now that reality started to sink in. I began to realize that gone are the months I would eagerly wait for the release of the movies and the books. There would no more be Harry Potter movies to anticipate each and every year. No more late-night bed readings of the latest Harry Potter installment or trivia. And the actors and actresses who had given life to the friends I have only read about will go on their separate ways. I will never see them again except in the pages of the books or in the movies. It was a depressing prospect and I found myself containing the tears that have been building up inside me. I wanted to celebrate the end but it was not a joyous moment for me. My insides raged for relief as my mourning turned inward. I grieved for the lost of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood that I transcended because I carried my wand of wisdom from the Harry Potter series with me all the time.

When I watched the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2, I wanted to cry so hard because I felt with each ticking of time, that little fiber that held me to my past was slowly ebbing away. And no matter how hard I held on, I could not do anything to halt it. And as I let go, I knew that things will get hard before they better.

I will forever be grateful to JK Rowling for fabricating the greatest story I have ever read in my entire life. It was her who inspired me to become a proficient writer. I wanted to touch lives in the same way she had touched mine through the world of Harry Potter. It never fails to amaze me how her books can connect me in various levels of my being. I thanked her for making me believe in magic and teaching me to never lose that interest. I am forever indebted to Jo and I can only hope that one day, I will write amazing stories such as she had done. Maybe not as raving but in the least, it warms my heart to think that I can make anyone happy or feel inspired with my words.

         I know Harry Potter has ended and there is no way to sugarcoat that fact. It is hard for us who has lived through a decade of their lives journeying through every day with the amazing characters the world has ever known. But as Jo has put it, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” 

Miss E

Sunday, June 5, 2011



Our 1st night in the Disneyland, Hong Kong was my by far my favorite. There may be a number of nights I will never ever forget in my lifetime but that one night of freedom, anonymity, adventure and childhood fantasy never equal to anything I have ever experienced in my life.

*Sigh* I'm pining on going back on a trip. The thirst for seeking thrill in a foreign ground and discovering this amazing world fuel my desire to do just that. The low fare promos of various airlines didn't help matters. I am so itching to fly! I hope the time comes my life could take the plunge again. Perhaps soon. 

Miss E

Saturday, June 4, 2011


GOSSIP GIRL is my all-time favorite TV show. Who doesn't love the spectacular views of the Upper East Side? And the equally charming lives of Manhattan's elite? From sweeping penthouses to vacations wherever part in the world, Gossip Girl sure has taken me from the reality of my own world. Initially, I became hooked due to their incredible and simply to-die-for outfits but episode after episode the love story of Chuck and Blair won me over. It was something I have always looked forward to. I think it's one of a girl's silly dream to be able to "change" a bad guy into a good and decent man. I thought Blair had succeeded but she failed. After the Season 4, I know somehow it's hard but it's time to ... let go. She deserves so much better. So much more. And may the new season prove just that. <3

Miss E

Friday, June 3, 2011



This girl is three things:
1. She could piss the hell out of  me.
2. She could manipulate me like no one can.
3. And she could turn my mood into rage blackouts.

But she's my dearest sister. A year my junior. We've shared several things TOGETHER. Baptismal (Yes, I was 1 year old when I was welcomed into the Catholic fold), birthdays, punishments (I swear she's almost the one with the evil schemes), clothes (pretending to be identical twins), shoes (Hurray for identical footsie sizes), school things and a lot more. And up to now, we're still roomies as we have been since we were banished from the marital bed.

It's having a sister almost my age that makes life more interesting. We're brutally honest with each other and I can always rely on her opinion on what looks great on me and not. And being her sister, she can be assured that I am one of the few people in the world who can give her the most constructive criticism many would feel awkward to say to her face. No need to sugarcoat anything. 

I have four sisters and I love them all equally but this is my sister who has been my very first best friend. My earliest memories, and the gazillion photos prove how my life is chronicled with hers. I was never the lone child. I had always a playmate, confidante and friend with me. And I remember how totally unfun it was to be stuck at home having been prohibited to go out but thankfully, having a sibling ease the boredom. We always had a grand time, just the two of us. Now that we're older, somehow I could not fathom how my life would be like without her. It's like a simple mathematical equation really, it just "cannot be."

And everyday may seem like a battle between us with the constant bickering and fights on a daily basis. Sometimes we may go off to bed with grudges but it is by her that I have proven that truly, "Love means not having to say you're sorry." For the many times I have hurt you, know that I could never bring myself to hate someone I have loved for so long.

Miss E

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Hello, everyone! I asked my friend, Val  for a  list of this 30-day Picture Challenge and she gladly gave it to me. So as stated about, this is the 1st and I'm going to write about 10 Facts about me. So here goes:

1. I love high heels so much that it is one of the things that can take me into an incredible high.

2. I hate pets. Cats especially. But I adore dolphins, like I get kilig whenever I see them. They're hardly called a pet, right?

3. I'm passionate about writing. 

4. Recently, I discovered how much I would like to venture in the Fashion Industry and work my way up to becoming a magazine writer.

5. I am cranky and moody as hell to exuberant and happy in a matter of seconds. 

6. I was born on my father's birthday and my grandfather told me I was God's gift to my dad. *Sweet Lolo, I miss you!*

7. I love the scent of Cucumber Melon. 

8. In medical terms, I am already legally blind. My eyesight is so poor that half the time I wonder if I'd lose it to Glaucoma in the future. *OH NOOOOOO!*

9. I love to hoard. Anything. Test papers from way back, study materials, letters, cards, brochures, leaflets, shoes, bags, clothes, accessories ... ANYTHING. When I'm hit with metanoia, I clean up these things and wonder, how on earth can someone like me store up useless garbage?

10. I can't swim to save my life. And I'm not a sporty gal either. I hated P.E. in High School. It was torture for me 'cos I sucked. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Due to complete and utter boredom, I've been watching several backlog movies lately. Hell, I've been cleaning up and organizing my room too! That's saying something, a LOT of something about my state these days.

Anyway, I've seen a trailer for this movie, Chalet Girl ages ago and I loved it! I remember being totally psyched about its release. Then I got busy or just completely forgetful that I hadn't given it much thought until recently when my college batchmate blogged about it. So, TING! I finally remembered! I immediately searched for a torrent and within hours, the movie is mine for the taking. It was completed last night but I was too tired already so I saved it for today. 

Since I was again busy with shoe organizing and cleaning, I set aside the movie for a bit. When I was done with dinner, I proceeded in watching it. Aaaaaaand, I LOVED IT! I love it not just because of Ed Westwick, who's a breath of fresh air in this movie, I've gotten used to his Chuck Bass image for long, but because of the fine scenery (call me shallow)! I've been to Europe several times IN MY DREAMS but in actual reality, nope, still haven't. But this movie inspired me so much to experience snow (YAY!), skiing and snowboarding (*shivers*).  

Actually, the plot is really good, predictable but good all the same. I got kilig by the rich boy-poor girl love storyline. I know it's so old-fashioned and ancient history but can I help it that I just love it? Probably because I can relate, I'm no rich girl and money does not seem to fall easily on my lap. So it's a constant inspiration that somehow, I too could be loved by someone as rich and as gorgeous as Jonny. Chos! Feelinga talaga! Hahaha!

So, I highly recommend it and suggest that you watch it NOW! I will leave this entry with the full HD trailer. Nightie loves!

Miss E

Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 19, 2011
striped high-waist shorts - Mossimo | Pink bikini top - Happy Place | Jelly slippers - Ororama

A spontaneous beach get-away with my friends happened at Midway, Initao. We're so grateful that Binque offered us a ride so that's free transportation for all of us! :)
The awesome view that greeted us good day.

Woke up bright and early but still ended up arriving late. SO SORRY YOU GUYS! I underestimated travel time from DV to Savemore (or Makro). Anyway, we ordered chickenjoy at Drive Thru Jollibee then picked up Tiffy along the way and bought some more food items along the short drive to Initao.
It was a bright sunshiny day when tiny drops of unmistakingly water appeared out of nowhere! It's raining! On our beach trip! EPIC FAIL! 
L-R: Tiffy, Ivy, Nyma, Kwinzi, Binqui and Meg

I thought we were doomed but Mr. Sun came out to play with us as we neared Initao. Happiness! When we got to Midway, I was a bit shocked to find so many filled cottages. Although it's technically summer but it's not the freakin' weekend or something. Anyway, I think that's okay as I hoped there would hot beach guys around but sadly, there were none... :(
The 3 pairs. I was the odd one out! *sniff, sniff*

.... UNTIL this family bunch walked by and we saw this cute foreigner! RESULT! Hahaha. Thanks to Binque's eavesdropping skills, we found out his name is Paolo and he's an Italian but raised here in the Phils. So he speaks fluent Bisaya. Perfectto! 
Who doesn't love a good jump shot? I adore this! Me posing as a ballerina. Feelinga lang! :p

Towards the end of the day we were tempted to try the Banana Boat. At first we decided not to because it's expensive (Php600 good for 5 people for a 5-minute ride. Tell me if that's cheap.) But then, we finally caved in because this would ultimately "complete" our summer adventure. But the sad thing was, there were 7 of us and the Banana Boat could only take 5. No matter how hard we bargained, no can do. So Binque and Kwing sacrificed and were left behind to videotape and photograph everything.
1st photo: Neon strapped-slippers by Havaianas as worn by L-R: Binque, Nyma and Ivy
2nd photo: Jelly slippers worn by moi with matching purple nail polish to boot

When I got on the boat, I was excited but when the engine started speeding up, all I did was hang on for dear life and let go of the loudest and earth-shattering scream I could muster. I was alternately laughing at my silly self and shouting for joy from the adrenaline rush. That was epic! All that screaming, laughing and being scared out of my wits were worth all the fun I brought home. 
Anyway, after that ride, I wanted another round but my wallet begged to disagree. So off we went swimming instead. Nyma, Kwing and I delayed taking a shower just so we wouldn't miss the sunset but did anyway 'cos just when we finally decided to have that bath, the sun had bid us buh-bye! Oh, the tragedy! :(
Upper right photo: with my so-called best friend. Haaa!
Lower right photo: with vavavoom Nyma! No need to emphasize how insecure I was. 
Unguarded smiles are the best. :)
Here with Kwing. 

Before I end this entry, I would like to share these edits I made. Just because. Guess who's who.
Trying hard to get that FHM-worthy poses. Thank God for silhouettes! I'm not sure I'm confident in this kind of exposures. Haha!

Today was love. ♥

Miss E

**Photography: Meg, Quinzy, Naihma, Tiffy and yours truly
Post-processing: Yours truly

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Just came from a fun night with high school friends. I miss them already! I know this city is too small and people are bound to see each other but these people? My high school people? It's just not the same being together like this. Sure, we'll bump into each other in the malls, streets or even in jeepneys but the bond that connects us as a group will never be as it was when we were thrown into a one place.

I hate the feeling of being unable to let go. Last night's stories and catching up were a testament to how comfortable we are to each other. After all, hadn't we bared our heart and soul and entrusted our deepest, darkest secrets to these strangers years ago during our retreats? I know that whatever happens, we have each other. 

And yes, to YOU I sorely missed all through these years, it breaks my heart to wait another half a decade to be in the same room with you. I confess, seeing you again caught me off guard. It's unnerving to find how strongly a teenage infatuation could span the years spent apart. Or is it the alcohol to blame? I miss you already. A friend told me that this girl in your life right now is just a chapter in your unfinished book. I used to think that maybe, some day when we meet again, I'll put a happy ending to this tale.

But you spoke to me and those words blew the chances I had reserved for that story. Now I realized I was delusional then. You probably don't know it but sometimes you boys throw words meaninglessly and with such careless  regard that girls, teenaged and easily won over believe them even when these words are in the least bit the truth. Call it smooth talking or just making pa-cute but please spare me the nonsense. I am no longer the girl head-over-heels in love with love and with you. I can take the truth any day. I am made of stronger fiber than you think.

I know I contradict myself when I say I miss you now but probably, this will pass in time. I wish you the best. I hope next time I can look you in the eye and not feel a thing. But for now, I am in half-rage about this realization and half-regret that you were never the boy I used to be mad about and I will never be the girl of yours. I take comfort in the fact that after all these months of relapsing and falling back into this shame of sheer madness, I am on my way to finding acceptance.  

But over-all, I will miss you my high school loves. I second Jason when he said, "I've met most of the BEST people in high school. :)"
4-Daniel Class of 2006, YOU ARE THE BEST PEOPLE I HAVE MET. 

Miss E

Monday, May 2, 2011


For a time it was what my life revolved around. An incessant sound of my phone ringing signaled the start of my day. It was, as always, a call from my partner giving updates or perhaps something bordering on the 
serious, like a plea of help regarding Facebook photo upload, and how to put a caption. Ha ha ha!

Life preserver cookies made by Michael's sister. See her Facebook HERE  

As my day rolled in I would find myself browsing internet websites for ideas, inspirations and Facebook conferences. In more than one occasion I texted countless messages to my classmates confirming attendance and payments. Then when the Big Day neared, I volunteered to do meet-ups with the others, and even did some things I did not sign myself up for. Like head in the decorations for example. It’s not like I’m an expert in the visual arts! Although I could do two things to perfection: cut and paste. I mean, that’s so rare nowadays right?
Prepping before the big party begins!

Now almost everything's set and we're on our way to our Bungalows

Anyway, what I’m talking about is our high school class reunion. Michael and I have been planning on this for months. True story. And it wasn’t until after my NLE board exam that our party plans went underway. From a list I made of various themes, we both agreed that the Nautical suited best. It’s a new re-emerging trend in Fashion for this year as well as perfect for summer. Stripes and the colors blue, white and red were the inspirations to go! As we got the theme out of the way, we delegated tasks among the core group and started to broadcast the party in Facebook and Twitter. But like I said earlier, there were some things the members of the core group did that were not part of our so-called “job description”. And I was disheartened by that.
Back drop made by the lovely people at Chali Beach Resort
It's so archaic but what can we do. Ha ha! 
My partner and I. We've been head organizers since time immemorial. Our first successful event was our high school Halloween party dating back circa 2005.

LEFT: While Nyma and I have been best friends since then spanning through high school, college and now.
RIGHT: Tiffy and I. Would you believe I called her "Best friend" in high school? Yes pot, TRUST ME. Never knew that word is a prophecy to what we are now.

There’s no point denying that I have been frustrated too many times by my classmates’ nonchalance, late payments and annoying “I-have-nothing-to-wear” little dramas. I even blogged about it here. However, at the party I was just too happy to see everyone and all my worries and irritation flew out of the window. It’s been 5 years after all! There were dozen exchanges of smiles, hugs, kisses and photo-ops. Wow, had high school been that 5 years back? It seemed like everyone remained the same. It felt just so good to be together again! 

Due to Filipino custom (I’m not proud to say though) we started later than schedule as people arrived (and I underestimated them entirely) surprise, surprise… TWO HOURS LATE. But all was good. I still afforded to smile even. As everyone got settled in, Michael and I kicked the party as hosts for that night.  I was hesitant hosting because I was nervous. And I forgot to print out the program as well. Our lovely cue cards only consisted the hastily made introduction speeches and nothing more. We relied heavily on our quick thinking and normal comical selves. But to tell you honestly, I was not in my best self. My voice turned hoarse and even broke a bit when I emphasized some words. I guess I will chalk it up to more practice and yes, to experience as well.

LEFT: Karen and Ezra
RIGHT: Karl and I

That night was a blast albeit some things were not done according to plan. For example, after the opening spiel we watched a video presentation then on to the invocation. Ezra was out so we asked Josan to lead the prayer. After the dinner, we proceeded to the opening production number by Michael, Nerika and Carmen. Their dance routine was awesome! They were just so good at it! 
Ended up having dinner when the party was through. Not to worry, I had too much happiness to fill my stomach.

As our 4th year high school moderator arrived, with her daughter in tow, we asked her for an impromptu message. And I’m sure everyone could relate how touching it was. Ma’am Chit said that as a teacher, it is her pride and joy to see us successful and professionals. Although some of us did not graduate on time, at least we are on our way to achieving our dreams. It does not matter who finishes the race first for as long as one gets there. It was a great reminder to all of us to never give up and always keep our eyes on our goals. High school was all about idealisms and ambitions. Somehow, along the road we forgot about that. And now more than ever is the time to look back on that 16-year-old self and reignite the passions we have left in the dark.
Eggplant and Egg  - Props to one of our naughty games! 

After all that serious stuff been said and done with, we started the games and everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives. In the middle of the game Ship, Ship, Ahoy! (Patterned after Hep Hep Hooray), our classmate Kasey, who is now based in Canada, called and was placed on loudspeaker. She first contacted us through Skype but the internet signal was slow so she called Michael on his mobile. It was nice to hear from her. She said that she was glad we finally got to have this reunion and if only she were here, she would have attended as well. It made us miss her all the more. So Kase, if you’re reading this, WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! COME BACK HOME!
Skype with Kasey!

We also had Spoof Awards and the prizes were so hilarious! For example, the Early Bird Award gets a bag of gummy worms, the Most Stylish Hair gets a gel and so on. And oh, did I mention I won the Best Dressed Female Award? I did. My outfit was very simple. Michael and I looked matchy-matchy too! But I love his outfit more, especially the hat with the cute fur and the perfect red scarf as accent. But he won the Mas Energy Mas Happy Award for being the most energetic and full of life one of the group. His exuberance was evident from the beginning until the end of the party.
Jason and I as Best Dressed Male and Female, respectively. Our prize? Couple necklace! With matching pendants to boot. 

It was a very humid night and I was wearing long sleeves. Go figure. I was perspiring like crazy; beads of sweat dropping in a flow of humiliation and rhinitis even paid me a visit. Perfect. But what offset these was the fun I had that night. It was incredible. I lived and breathed in every moment of it. These people are like family to me. Somehow we grew up together with all our crazy teenage angst and the crazier fashion faux pas in between. It was love. And reuniting with them is like rediscovering a treasured possession you forgot you had.
Alvin and I. This is my "LABS" or in English, Love. I had to post this because we look good here. Haha! 
However, it makes me sad that all that I have been anticipating and working hard for is over. It happened all too fast, all too soon.  I wanted more time, more bonding moments, more laughter and more stories. Simply put, I wanted not a day back in high school but a year to trudge the past. But I guess I couldn’t go back to that place I once mingled with them, especially when that involved turning the hands of Time. What I could do now is take in everything as it is. Because while it was great ‘til it lasted, it was over. Move on.
1st: With one of my oldest best friends, the ever beautiful, sexy, smart and talented, Nerika
2nd : Aye, aye Captain Jason! The Bay-ots gamely posing as crew

So as a way of forcing myself out of the gloom, I’m getting hyped up for our next 10-year high school reunion! It will even be grander than this for sure!

And I take my word back as I would gladly organize that future event. 

Agapas se, Daniel Draglets ’06!


Miss E

Thursday, April 28, 2011


When it comes to event organizing, I would offer myself to spearhead it in a heartbeat. Truth be told, I just love organizing. It's a good job and it makes me happy. But to do EVERYTHING on my own? WITHOUT HELP? Well, that is a bit abusive. Yeah, like chains and whips kind-of-thing. And no, it don't excite me. 

I have been working on this party as soon as board exam was over. Hell, I am more than ecstatic to head it with one of my friends. We worked on a theme, then planned, delegated and organized. It was fun as the excitement of seeing high school friends kept me in a bundle of warm love. However, as the event neared and we started to collect payments, that's when things went sour. A lot of people  refused to reply to text messages and PMs in Facebook. We have to haunt them down and beg them to pay so we could finalize our party plans and start already. After the issue with money, here comes another: costume. Some, if not MOST were adamant about going all sailor-y (our theme was nautical). Some never did try! *BAD VIBES* It makes me boil inside how they could easily shrug off the party like it's nothing when I and THE REST OF THE TEAM worked our asses just to pull this off! The least they could do is look and play the part. That's not even hard. 

Now, only about three people worked on the decorations. Needless to say I was one of them. I am so pissed off right now that I swear I would never EVER do this again. Let them plan a party like this. I give up for future gatherings. 

I know reading this will give you clues that I am frustrated. But that's an understatement.

Gotta go and let off steam.

Miss E

I have 3 anchors left to decorate. Souvenir fans to print. Party bags to buy. Aaaand a teacher to invite. BLESS MY SOUL.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has there been moments in life that try as you might, you can hardly remember? Well, I can totally resonate. Take these "magazine" pages I supposedly made over a year ago. As I was cleaning my files (my Drive C is almost full!), I stumbled upon this folder I named, "College Mag". And I was surprised for what was in store. Take a peek!
Apparently I'm in the cover. I made one of my wishes come true. Ha ha! Yeah, the perks of being your own boss!
Funny how reading these captions seem too foreign to me. I feel like I'm stalking another person and not myself! I can't remember ever writing this!!!!!!!! T____T

But I do remember creating this up. And what I a shame I did not finish this project 'til the end.

What's just bothering me is the way I have written this. My writing flaws are glaringly clear to me now. I have missed out on putting punctuation marks here and there. The sentence construction is not even grammatically correct. Tch!

However, I enjoy reading it. It's so inspiring to get to know your younger self. Okay, minus the awkward poses and weird smiles, it's all good. At least I know better now.

The message here is that, I just miss my friends. 

And all the fun we had in college. God, I cannot forget starting college! IT WAS A BLAST! :)

So I'll try to make chapters 2nd, 3rd and 4th year college in the coming days. I really hope I could pull this project off. This will be a great treat to my "older" self in the future. 

Anyway, tomorrow 'til Saturday of this week, my hands will be full with party preparations. My good friend, Michael and I are organizing our High school Reunion (a first in 5 years!). We still have lots to attend to, like party decorations, souvenirs, games and etc. I wish I could finish all my tasks tomorrow so I could enjoy watching the Royal Wedding of the Century. Like most girls, I am way too excited for that!

On another note, my writing stint is over. We just quit. 

Sending all my love from me to you straight from the Philippines! *muuuah*

Miss E

Saturday, April 23, 2011



I made my dad promise that he'll get me a sewing machine. And he did! Wooooot! So now I'm back to my old indecisive self, and can't make up my mind which among the two to get. I'm not well-versed with sewing machines so in the off-chance that you stumbled upon my humble blog, please do shed some light. I would definitely appreciate that. Really. Thanks! 

Miss E


So excited to show what I've been up to this day! Well, here it is! 
Isn't it the cuuuuuuuutest?
I chanced upon this YouTube video tutorial and boy, was I hooked! I've been seeing girls sport this 'do and I have wondered how to make it. But thanks to that girl, I made it happen. Yippeeeee! I know it looks a little bit messy and rough on the edges. Yeah, it  definitely needs improvement but for my first time, I am way too ecstatic to care. 

And this is one of my sisters. Lovely, isn't she? Anyway, if you're interested to make a bow out of your hair, then I suggest you follow this tutorial. It's very easy and looks so pretty too. 

Well, this will just be it for now. See you 'til next post! Advance happy easter everyone!

Miss E

Thursday, April 21, 2011



It's a strong Filipino tradition to lay off meat during the Lenten season. Even more so when it's Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. And my family is no exception. We are practically living off this specialty - BINIGNIT. I love it and can't stop myself from filling a bowl to its brim! *burp* Excuse me. 

Aside from fasting, let's spend this time to reflect and remember that a Man so great died for us in the cross. We may forget about this every so often due to our extremely insane schedules and all the hustle-bustle that is our lives. Now more than ever is the perfect time to turn to our Lord and offer our deepest prayers.

Have a glorious week to one and all. 

Miss E

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm now 4 days and twenty-two years old. Still too young, eh? Ha ha ha! :) There's pretty much nothing new with me. I'm still on my INTERNET-SLEEP-WAKE cycle and I'm getting bored as hell. My writing stint is still on but we're waiting for an email from our new employer. He has to comment on every single piece of work before he can release new topics. So my fingers are having their days off from keyboard. Aaaah.. heaven! Last time I wrote 20 articles in less than 2 days. My fingers were going on an overdrive! But I had to deliver. *sigh*
Anyway, due to this cosmic boredom, I decided to tinker with my camera and bribed my sister to cooperate. Glad that a promise of chocolate bar and ice cream did the trick! :D
If anybody asks what man's greatest invention is, I'd say Internet. I've learned so much off the web - from things to people (I refuse to admit it's what you call "stalking"). I am a complete and utter slave of it! This blog is a testament of my newfound well of knowledge. I started blogger with zero idea how to go about it. Thanks to Google, I've sorta leveled up albeit little. But at least it's a big improvement from when I began. :) :) :)
However, there are things I would like to learn from a master himself. Just like Photography. I read the Nikon Manual but I could only understand so much. Plus, my lens are working under Manual Focusing ONLY so that presents a bit of a problem. An auto-focusing would have made my life easier. Waaaay easier!

Hype in here and chictopia here. Thank you so much!

Miss E