Thursday, October 28, 2010


Isn't being and falling in love makes you all giddy inside? All that butterflies fluttering in your stomach and feeling warm and fuzzy. Yes, love makes great wonders to ourselves. It keeps our stress levels down low and permanently paints a big smile on our faces. How I wish I am in love but all that has been denied from me.. for now. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that somehow, The One is just waiting around the corner. Maybe God just forgot to give him the cue for our roads to meet? Or lost in a traffic jam, perhaps? :p

Anyway, what better way to get that alternative high feeling than reading love stories and watching romantic films? I just finished reading a short story made by my dear friend. It was an amazing read. I am so damn proud of my writer-slash-girlfriend!

If anyone's reading, hope you can pay a visit to this blog:

Spread the love today! :)

Miss E

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