Saturday, January 29, 2011


I was insomniac the other night and decided to give this movie a try. I had to make-do an online movie streaming with sticky buffer system but the movie was all worth it. I had to say it was not your average sappy romantic flick, but your real-life straight-to-the-point love story. I was hooked within minutes.

My life is pretty drab as of the moment. My call center stint has been very brief and while I am still on my way to its third week, I'm dying to quit already! I can't deal with the pressure of Team Leaders breathing down our necks forcing us to make a sale or the incessant hanging up of the clients before throwing insults. My spirit reached rock bottom. Thank you very much.

Anyway, word is out that the long-awaited board exam results will soon be released sometime in February 4-11, 2011. My hands are turning cold as we speak. I can safely say that I can still sleep at night but my waking moments have been punctuated by anxiety and fear! Is that a good thing or what?

I'm praying for that two letter abbreviation tailing my name before this February 2011 ends. *Sigh* But for the meantime, I've got a good long list of movies to catch.
Before I bid adieu, allow me to quote from Love and Other Drugs, "You can meet thousands of people and none of them touch. Then you meet one person and your life is changed forever."

Hey, aren't you excited for these movies too? Tell me what you think.

Miss E

Sunday, January 9, 2011



No matter how we remember that Christmas is Jesus's birth and not some made-up holiday just to give everyone an excuse to ask for gifts, and shell out money to buy one as well, Gift-giving has always been one of the highlights of Christmas. An occasion that I almost always look forward to! I'm childish like that. Haha! :p
Well, on this holiday, I surely got a lot of things I wished for. YAY! I received few presents from my parents, elder sister and brother. They are working, hence the money to buy us presents. Since I am beyond the valley of BROKENESS, I can't buy them gifts. I am really down with rotten luck with money! Oh well, once I get a job, I'll surely shower my family and friends with Christmas presents.

I have no gifts from friends because we are on the same boat in the financial department. But that's going to change in a year or two, you bet.
I went thrifting during the holidays and these were what I scored! Amazing shoes at Php 50.00, yes! Clothes at 2 for Php5.00. A girl could go crazy!

More posts on my thrifting adventure soon. This will be it for now.

Good bye!

Miss E

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Dec. 19- 20, 2010

The biggest and most important exam of my life had come to an end. All the months of studying and preparing seemed to be insignificant to what faced me in the REAL examination days. Nothing was as heartbreaking as answering difficult questions and pitying myself at how little I know. It was that hard.

Although the looming examination results haunt me in everyday, I fervently hope that it will be a 100% passing rate. The anxiety and fear of the unknown leave me unsettled but in the words of a great writer, "Nothing is impossible with God."

Miss E

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hype in LOOKBOOK and Vote in CHICTOPIA

bodycon top, floral skirt & woven belt - thrifted
booties - necklace - Gaisano dept. store
Christmas 2010 Holiday Outfit
I've had these booties for a while. It was my father's gift for me, actually I ordered them myself but my father paid for them, this and along other shoes I got. :) I haven't worn them yet as it is hardly possible to wear them to school. Good thing we had our LMP (Last Minute Preparation), sort of a dance/party for us NLE (Nursing Licensure Examination) takers. I was able to wear it then. I used it with my cream-colored tutu skirt, a vest, sleeveless and stockings. HAPPY! :)

You can't see it but this is our Autumn-inspired Christmas tree.
I adore it to bits. Yeah, I designed it with my mom! :)

2011, Hey you! :) :) :)

It's the start of yet again another year! 2010 has been SUPERB for me. From January's 1st to December's end, every day had been tinged with adventure, hope, loss and a dream that come the new year, a whole new world will reveal itself. I thank the Lord for the best year of my life thus far! I welcome the 2011 knowing that things can only get better!

My holidays were spent with my family. There were only six of us celebrating as my dad (who's in overseas) and my older sister (in Dumaguete City) were away. It was a quiet Christmas preceded by a mass and a dinner at midnight.

Hope your 2010 Christmas was better off than mine.

Miss E