Sunday, February 13, 2011


What is this I smell? *sniff, sniff* Aaah.. LOVE. It's the 14th of February already! Whether you're single, in-a-relationship, it's-complicated and married, you have to admit that you had it bad with the February love bug. It's amazing how this annual event unmasks a person's inner self and begs to express itself in flowers, chocolates, cards and love letters, yes, old-school it may be but never has it died in the passing of the years.

I believe that Love is the true essence of Life. It's not to say that this can only be found in the arms of romance. Love takes varied forms and even in simplest details.

They say that those who are in love are the happiest. I couldn't agree more! So forget about the bastard who broke your heart, or that date that never made it to your calendar or all the pain you once mourned. Drink in the love from your friends, family and all the small things that make you smile. Soon, you'll realize that this February, it can be all about you and nothing else would have mattered.

Anyway, I discovered this online site, Polyvore and thought that on an occasion such as this, I should be wearing this kind of outfit (Given that I have them resting in my closet) on a dinner date with my girlies. Nothing too fancy, just keeping myself warm in the cold breeze (because I imagined I'd be spending the Valentine's Day in New York or say, London). The dress is not even that impressive, in my opinion, but I adore its color and design. It has to stay.

I actually love this look just because I have two items up in the picture - the leather jacket and the Alexander McQueen black booties. They're not the original, just faux fashion finds. I thrifted the shoes for Php150.00 and the leather jacket was gifted to me by my brother.

Best buys, if you'd ask me! :) :) :)

Here's hoping every one is a Happy Valentine today!

Miss E


  1. ive got a similar pair of those mcqueen bootie from aldo!!!!! love ur blog!

    xoxo jenna

  2. eden,eden,eden..tsk..tsk..tsk.. another masterpiece..BRAVO! :)

  3. thank you gra! you never fail to comment! lol. I'm all smiles, see :)))))