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May 19, 2011
striped high-waist shorts - Mossimo | Pink bikini top - Happy Place | Jelly slippers - Ororama

A spontaneous beach get-away with my friends happened at Midway, Initao. We're so grateful that Binque offered us a ride so that's free transportation for all of us! :)
The awesome view that greeted us good day.

Woke up bright and early but still ended up arriving late. SO SORRY YOU GUYS! I underestimated travel time from DV to Savemore (or Makro). Anyway, we ordered chickenjoy at Drive Thru Jollibee then picked up Tiffy along the way and bought some more food items along the short drive to Initao.
It was a bright sunshiny day when tiny drops of unmistakingly water appeared out of nowhere! It's raining! On our beach trip! EPIC FAIL! 
L-R: Tiffy, Ivy, Nyma, Kwinzi, Binqui and Meg

I thought we were doomed but Mr. Sun came out to play with us as we neared Initao. Happiness! When we got to Midway, I was a bit shocked to find so many filled cottages. Although it's technically summer but it's not the freakin' weekend or something. Anyway, I think that's okay as I hoped there would hot beach guys around but sadly, there were none... :(
The 3 pairs. I was the odd one out! *sniff, sniff*

.... UNTIL this family bunch walked by and we saw this cute foreigner! RESULT! Hahaha. Thanks to Binque's eavesdropping skills, we found out his name is Paolo and he's an Italian but raised here in the Phils. So he speaks fluent Bisaya. Perfectto! 
Who doesn't love a good jump shot? I adore this! Me posing as a ballerina. Feelinga lang! :p

Towards the end of the day we were tempted to try the Banana Boat. At first we decided not to because it's expensive (Php600 good for 5 people for a 5-minute ride. Tell me if that's cheap.) But then, we finally caved in because this would ultimately "complete" our summer adventure. But the sad thing was, there were 7 of us and the Banana Boat could only take 5. No matter how hard we bargained, no can do. So Binque and Kwing sacrificed and were left behind to videotape and photograph everything.
1st photo: Neon strapped-slippers by Havaianas as worn by L-R: Binque, Nyma and Ivy
2nd photo: Jelly slippers worn by moi with matching purple nail polish to boot

When I got on the boat, I was excited but when the engine started speeding up, all I did was hang on for dear life and let go of the loudest and earth-shattering scream I could muster. I was alternately laughing at my silly self and shouting for joy from the adrenaline rush. That was epic! All that screaming, laughing and being scared out of my wits were worth all the fun I brought home. 
Anyway, after that ride, I wanted another round but my wallet begged to disagree. So off we went swimming instead. Nyma, Kwing and I delayed taking a shower just so we wouldn't miss the sunset but did anyway 'cos just when we finally decided to have that bath, the sun had bid us buh-bye! Oh, the tragedy! :(
Upper right photo: with my so-called best friend. Haaa!
Lower right photo: with vavavoom Nyma! No need to emphasize how insecure I was. 
Unguarded smiles are the best. :)
Here with Kwing. 

Before I end this entry, I would like to share these edits I made. Just because. Guess who's who.
Trying hard to get that FHM-worthy poses. Thank God for silhouettes! I'm not sure I'm confident in this kind of exposures. Haha!

Today was love. ♥

Miss E

**Photography: Meg, Quinzy, Naihma, Tiffy and yours truly
Post-processing: Yours truly

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