Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Due to complete and utter boredom, I've been watching several backlog movies lately. Hell, I've been cleaning up and organizing my room too! That's saying something, a LOT of something about my state these days.

Anyway, I've seen a trailer for this movie, Chalet Girl ages ago and I loved it! I remember being totally psyched about its release. Then I got busy or just completely forgetful that I hadn't given it much thought until recently when my college batchmate blogged about it. So, TING! I finally remembered! I immediately searched for a torrent and within hours, the movie is mine for the taking. It was completed last night but I was too tired already so I saved it for today. 

Since I was again busy with shoe organizing and cleaning, I set aside the movie for a bit. When I was done with dinner, I proceeded in watching it. Aaaaaaand, I LOVED IT! I love it not just because of Ed Westwick, who's a breath of fresh air in this movie, I've gotten used to his Chuck Bass image for long, but because of the fine scenery (call me shallow)! I've been to Europe several times IN MY DREAMS but in actual reality, nope, still haven't. But this movie inspired me so much to experience snow (YAY!), skiing and snowboarding (*shivers*).  

Actually, the plot is really good, predictable but good all the same. I got kilig by the rich boy-poor girl love storyline. I know it's so old-fashioned and ancient history but can I help it that I just love it? Probably because I can relate, I'm no rich girl and money does not seem to fall easily on my lap. So it's a constant inspiration that somehow, I too could be loved by someone as rich and as gorgeous as Jonny. Chos! Feelinga talaga! Hahaha!

So, I highly recommend it and suggest that you watch it NOW! I will leave this entry with the full HD trailer. Nightie loves!

Miss E


  1. den, i watched this nah~ next stop I AM NUMBER FOUR hehe..

    nice au xa den sadly I could barely catch up with their slang-ish haha!
    but still it was worth the effah! =)

  2. I can't wait for you to watch I Am Number Four, it's the best! :)