Thursday, June 2, 2011



Hello, everyone! I asked my friend, Val  for a  list of this 30-day Picture Challenge and she gladly gave it to me. So as stated about, this is the 1st and I'm going to write about 10 Facts about me. So here goes:

1. I love high heels so much that it is one of the things that can take me into an incredible high.

2. I hate pets. Cats especially. But I adore dolphins, like I get kilig whenever I see them. They're hardly called a pet, right?

3. I'm passionate about writing. 

4. Recently, I discovered how much I would like to venture in the Fashion Industry and work my way up to becoming a magazine writer.

5. I am cranky and moody as hell to exuberant and happy in a matter of seconds. 

6. I was born on my father's birthday and my grandfather told me I was God's gift to my dad. *Sweet Lolo, I miss you!*

7. I love the scent of Cucumber Melon. 

8. In medical terms, I am already legally blind. My eyesight is so poor that half the time I wonder if I'd lose it to Glaucoma in the future. *OH NOOOOOO!*

9. I love to hoard. Anything. Test papers from way back, study materials, letters, cards, brochures, leaflets, shoes, bags, clothes, accessories ... ANYTHING. When I'm hit with metanoia, I clean up these things and wonder, how on earth can someone like me store up useless garbage?

10. I can't swim to save my life. And I'm not a sporty gal either. I hated P.E. in High School. It was torture for me 'cos I sucked. 


  1. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    grabe akong katawaha =)
    uuuy, wats the scent of cucumber melons pala? They remind me of something fresh but it wasn't really that special ;)

  2. omg dar! reading your 10 facts made me realize that we're a lot similar than i thought we are! except for number3 and about half true for number wonder we're friends! buwhahaahahah