Thursday, April 28, 2011


When it comes to event organizing, I would offer myself to spearhead it in a heartbeat. Truth be told, I just love organizing. It's a good job and it makes me happy. But to do EVERYTHING on my own? WITHOUT HELP? Well, that is a bit abusive. Yeah, like chains and whips kind-of-thing. And no, it don't excite me. 

I have been working on this party as soon as board exam was over. Hell, I am more than ecstatic to head it with one of my friends. We worked on a theme, then planned, delegated and organized. It was fun as the excitement of seeing high school friends kept me in a bundle of warm love. However, as the event neared and we started to collect payments, that's when things went sour. A lot of people  refused to reply to text messages and PMs in Facebook. We have to haunt them down and beg them to pay so we could finalize our party plans and start already. After the issue with money, here comes another: costume. Some, if not MOST were adamant about going all sailor-y (our theme was nautical). Some never did try! *BAD VIBES* It makes me boil inside how they could easily shrug off the party like it's nothing when I and THE REST OF THE TEAM worked our asses just to pull this off! The least they could do is look and play the part. That's not even hard. 

Now, only about three people worked on the decorations. Needless to say I was one of them. I am so pissed off right now that I swear I would never EVER do this again. Let them plan a party like this. I give up for future gatherings. 

I know reading this will give you clues that I am frustrated. But that's an understatement.

Gotta go and let off steam.

Miss E

I have 3 anchors left to decorate. Souvenir fans to print. Party bags to buy. Aaaand a teacher to invite. BLESS MY SOUL.


  1. den, ana najd nang sakit sa mga pinoy :c its a sad reality but there are naggers who really don't know what you've been through while all they do is sit pretty.. but at least den, you set the course different than those people coz your hard working and I know, it will pay off. :)
    Profitez de votre parti! ♥

  2. thank you for girls! nagino-A lang jud ko. hahahaha. pero I'm really fine. :p