Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has there been moments in life that try as you might, you can hardly remember? Well, I can totally resonate. Take these "magazine" pages I supposedly made over a year ago. As I was cleaning my files (my Drive C is almost full!), I stumbled upon this folder I named, "College Mag". And I was surprised for what was in store. Take a peek!
Apparently I'm in the cover. I made one of my wishes come true. Ha ha! Yeah, the perks of being your own boss!
Funny how reading these captions seem too foreign to me. I feel like I'm stalking another person and not myself! I can't remember ever writing this!!!!!!!! T____T

But I do remember creating this up. And what I a shame I did not finish this project 'til the end.

What's just bothering me is the way I have written this. My writing flaws are glaringly clear to me now. I have missed out on putting punctuation marks here and there. The sentence construction is not even grammatically correct. Tch!

However, I enjoy reading it. It's so inspiring to get to know your younger self. Okay, minus the awkward poses and weird smiles, it's all good. At least I know better now.

The message here is that, I just miss my friends. 

And all the fun we had in college. God, I cannot forget starting college! IT WAS A BLAST! :)

So I'll try to make chapters 2nd, 3rd and 4th year college in the coming days. I really hope I could pull this project off. This will be a great treat to my "older" self in the future. 

Anyway, tomorrow 'til Saturday of this week, my hands will be full with party preparations. My good friend, Michael and I are organizing our High school Reunion (a first in 5 years!). We still have lots to attend to, like party decorations, souvenirs, games and etc. I wish I could finish all my tasks tomorrow so I could enjoy watching the Royal Wedding of the Century. Like most girls, I am way too excited for that!

On another note, my writing stint is over. We just quit. 

Sending all my love from me to you straight from the Philippines! *muuuah*

Miss E


  1. OMGee den.. I love your mag it's so vibrant and teen-ish ^^, pang seventeen :)

  2. thank you gra! hahaha. mao man akong gusto jud. pang Seventeen or Candy ang level. lol.