Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's that time of the year when my FACEBOOK WALL, TWITTER PAGE and mobile phone is at its busiest. Family, friends, loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers came to scribble, tweet or text their well-wishes, professions of love, astounding compliments, constant pestering for bribes (as if turning a new age would make money magically appear out of thin air!)or just to wish me a blessed, enchanting and a happy happy birthday. 

Indeed, this day of the year is one of my happiest thus far, more so with each of your heart-warming, funny and lovely messages. Like I said, hearts may grow weary but never old. I may have turned the big two-two but I still feel young through and through.

Last night marked the end of 21 blissful years. I'm on to another year of making my dreams happen, changing myself for the better and just plain hitting it big with anything and everything. Thank you for journeying with me miloves, miladies, my darlings! I couldn't thank you all enough. 

Miss E the newly-turned 22-year-old nurse from Philippines

 P.S. I couldn't care less if you forgot but if you're one of my so-called friends, then you're in for a major major major cold war. Better deliver your greeting with a gift. :p

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