Monday, April 4, 2011


March, April, May = SUMMER SUNSHINE! 

Hey, everyone! Did you miss me and my posts? *laughs* I know, I know, you're thinking, "Who reads this anyway?" But whatever. I don't mind at all. 

Anyway, Summer has breached the Philippine threshold once again! The clouds and rain had given way for blazing sunshine and perfect humidity. 

Kicked Summer in with a splash with my best girl buds. Jessa, Ia, Nikki and I spent the day on a rough start (we went to Koresco Hotel only to be informed that in-house guests are the ONLY ones allowed to access their pools. booo! major boo!). But that did not dampen our spirit! Hailed a cab and went off to Marco Hotel. It was the best decision we had. Just look at all the lovely scenery in the heart of the city. Who knew something like this was hiding from view? 

I'm not that overly confident with my body just yet. I know I have a lot of adipose tissues to shed but I just can't pass this opportunity for a dip in the water.

My friends looked utterly smashing in their bikinis and I hope I would be soon. I'm banking on the end of the summer. Fats, please melt on me now! Haaa!

Although there were only four of us (a number of friends did not make it) It was crazy fun while it lasted! My sunburnt skin was all worth it. I'm expecting to get more in tune with the water and with the waves in the future. I'm eyeing on a beach trip soon. But first, I must get that beach bum bod to die for! I hope all these slimming plans will push through. *crossing my fingers*

On another note, I know it's premature to say and you might not believe it, but I HAVE AGONIZINGLY BUT SURELY HAVE MOVED ON. These past few days were rough. I had bouts of insomnia attacks as I try to forcefully forget all the pain that *ehem* unrequited love has caused me. I was haunted by memories and "What Ifs". Several friends rushed to my aid and I couldn't be more grateful for their listening ears and sympathy. I ♥ my girlfriends and best boy bud! Thank you guys!

I have come to realize that all that is happening to me is in the course of God's perfect plan. Someday, I would live my dream of being loved nothing but for me - without hesitation and without qualms. I look forward to that. 
Summer fling, anyone? Haaa! But seriously, yeah, I'm going to take everything as it is. Gaaawd, I deserve a pat on the back for overcoming this emotional turmoil and coming out strong. *rolls eyeballs*

Whew! That was a bit heavy but rest assured, waterworks were not involved. All my tears are reserved for something worth crying for. This is all part and parcel of learning to let go and telling myself, it's okay. What's essential is that I have learned my lesson and will take that's happened as part of life. Just as I have forgiven him for leading me on, I, too, have forgiven myself for expecting way too much and blowing things out of proportion. I'm still trying to forget the terrible losses and cutting down this unwanted weight as well!

*coughs* I DON'T THINK I'M OBSESSED WITH LOSING WEIGHT. Yeah, I don't think so.  

Anyway, this will just be it for now. I'm off to watch Barbie in a Mermaid Tale with my 11-year-old sibling. Yes, she's an addict like that. Where's Puberty when you need one? Please come strike on my sister soon! Haaa!

Miss E

DISCLAIMER: Credits to Ia Darunday, Jessa Andalan and Nikki Pacatan for the photos.
All edits made by yours truly.


  1. eds, HOT bod au ka 0_o voluptuous in the front and the back.. if u know what i mean haha! keep it up!

  2. thanks, gra! i want a stick-thin body! LOL

  3. THIN's not sexy, den.. it's not even chap-magnet haha! TRUST me...

  4. hahaha! at least angayan ka sa bisag unsa na sanina. mao mana akong gusto. LOL

  5. hmm..i firmly believe nara na sa pagdala sa tao sa iyang kaugalingon

  6. haay! sometimes, naa jui clothes bagay ra sa mga niwang. :(((

  7. haaaayy ang uso naman gd ron kay ang hump sa front ug back..hehe :)