Saturday, April 23, 2011


So excited to show what I've been up to this day! Well, here it is! 
Isn't it the cuuuuuuuutest?
I chanced upon this YouTube video tutorial and boy, was I hooked! I've been seeing girls sport this 'do and I have wondered how to make it. But thanks to that girl, I made it happen. Yippeeeee! I know it looks a little bit messy and rough on the edges. Yeah, it  definitely needs improvement but for my first time, I am way too ecstatic to care. 

And this is one of my sisters. Lovely, isn't she? Anyway, if you're interested to make a bow out of your hair, then I suggest you follow this tutorial. It's very easy and looks so pretty too. 

Well, this will just be it for now. See you 'til next post! Advance happy easter everyone!

Miss E


  1. den, i love the dutch braid tutorial :) maka inana unta q uie..hehe

  2. pud nako na gra. nice btaw. Kadto pud Waterfall braid. I want to try them out! :)